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Podcast with Sarah Schwartz of The Paper Fold

Dec 30, '20

Listen if curious how philoSophie's got it's start.  S2, #7: Each Year Is Another Victory | The Paper Nerd

Collaboration is Key

Nov 1, '20

Printing quality products with  Xerox -CAT Print Pushes Beyond CMYK to the next level with iGen 5      


Oct 4, '20

    philoSophie's Vote T-Shirt was created to urge all Americans to actively participate in our democracy and cast their ballot in November. Registering and voting has never been more important than it is now.  

philoSophie's celebrates September

Sep 1, '20

When we can't be together, be  'Drawn Together' by philoSophie'️s®️This week we celebrate, honor, remember and serve.️September! - Many students are heading back to school in classrooms or remotely.  Sending love and encouragement for a great academic year!  Thursday, September 10th is the first NFL game of the season. The Texans...

10 @ 10 With Catherine from Kitty Meow Boutique

Jun 25, '20

    Today I chatted with Catherine ( business bestie)  from Kitty Meow Boutique on her 10@10.   We chat about how we met at @altsummit a few years back and have been each other’s sounding boards in business ever since. Bonus points because we both realized early on in...

Side Hustlers with Carla Marie

Apr 6, '20

Each week Carla Marie talks to a different side hustler following their passion...except for this week. We're in the middle of COVID-19 chaos and small business owners are getting hit pretty hard. In this episode, Carla Marie taps into the Side Hustlers community to see some of them are doing...

Air Hugs & Updates

Mar 16, '20

These are unprecedented and unpredictable times, but I hope philoSophie's can help to bring positivity to you each day.  Follow for daily inspirations @shopSophies on Instagram or @SophiesPhilosophies on Facebook. I want to assure you that I take the health and well-being of the community and you, my customer and friend, very...