Worry is Pointless

Before my friend Jen moved to Florida, I would visit her at her salon for my haircuts.  Each time I would make a comment about a small sign she kept on her mirror - 'Worry is Pointless' 
"Worry IS pointless... Worry is pointless - oh that worry - pointless!!!"
As I read it over and over again while she trimmed and styled my hair, I hoped that the words would settle into my brain and change my overthinking tendencies. 
I would share with her that between each visit I would think about this phrase when I felt 'worry' settling into my head. She would then remind me, " you worry too much!''   Yep, FACT! I do, or at least did.... 
It was after one of these conversations I heard a quick tip on a podcast entitled: How to stop worrying? - TAKE ACTION. (The Mindset Mentor - Rob Dial) 
As Mental Health Awareness comes to an end, I thought it would be an easy tip to share and start implementing if you are working through worry too.  
Simple actions include:
  • Journal
  • Change your environment - get outside/ get some fresh air
  • Exercise - maybe a sport or class that you have to focus on that activity 
  • Tackle your 'to-do' list 
and while
'Worry really is pointless!' -  if you can't 100% stop from doing it - remember, you're not alone.
Anytime I feel myself leaning towards that brain pinching feeling of unneeded stress I do one of the above and it's always beneficial.