NE Coastal Creative Conference

I highly recommend The New England Coastal Creative Conference

For two full days I took pages of notes from great speakers and panelists.

A few quick tips from 2 of the many awesome speakers at the conference that may be helpful to you:

Tori Hollingworth from Communicating with Impact shared -

you only have 4 seconds to make an impression

#1 is Visual Confidence: Smile and make eye contact! Simple and Impactful: your attitude becomes communication

Christine Mulhearne - Motivational Speaker and Instructor

Create a Vision Board for yourself to get your goals down

*** When you have a vision, you lead with heart instead of fear***

1. Authenticity - lead with how you want to feel 

examples: Hopeful, Creative, Optimistic, Energetic

2. What do you want? 

examples: better work/life balance, supportive friendships, reciprocated collaborations

State it! - " I want..." 

3. Purge! Get rid of the old! Get rid of what isn't working. Let Go!

Let go of jealousy, you've got your own path - "What is meant for you will not miss you!" 

4. Putting it All Together - Write down 3 emotions - example: Brave, Hopeful, Creative, put yourself in the picture - Add quotes and pictures within the scenes of where you see yourself wanting to go. You don't need to know HOW it's going to happen you just need BELIEVE it will! 


I am a believer in the power of a positive attitude and manifesting what your heart desires. Its work to be in a positive headspace every day but when you lead each day with gratitude and mindfulness it becomes a powerful and helpful habit. Life is a series of ups and downs, success and failures.  Take every opportunity whether good or bad to grow and know you are getting stronger and closer to where you want to be in life and a fulfilled person. xo ~ Joanna