Life's a Workout. Make it a Good One.


I've always enjoyed sports and fitness.
In designing the new personalized Fitness philoSophie's I started with Barre - a full-body, muscle endurance workout.  Barre is a workout that shares a great community to support each other in their fitness journey. It was inspiring to design philoSophie's for strong women and barre besties. 

For the past 5+ years I've been working out at Pure Barre Rochester.   Pure Barre is a ballet barre-incorporating exercise class that combines elements of Pilates, weightlifting and ballet into one workout. Focusing on the abs, thighs, legs and overall core, Pure Barre consists of a series of small, isometric movements that engage your smaller, lesser -known muscles. It's an awesome workout for your mind and body, focusing on mindfulness (those counts!) and that you're keeping the correct form. The instructors and other members make it fun as you sweat your way through the class. I discovered Pure Barre at a time when I really wanted to get into a consistent fitness routine and meet new people. I'm grateful I accomplished both.  I met some of my closest friends and I found that if you create a good habit and find like-minded people to hold you accountable, you'll see positive results, both in mind and body. 


Over the past six months I incorporated more group fitness into my life.  A friend of mine invited me to a studio fitness crawl at Midtown Rochester. I was hooked that day after sampling 3 classes: Battle which focuses on strength and conditioning, Pilates Amped - a muscle sculpting pilates class set to upbeat music, and Vibe - a music based, emotionally driven rhythm spin class.  The spin class that day had an overlying gratitude theme and the music and instructor resonated with me.  After about 3 Vibe classes I invested in cycling shoes and haven't looked back. (THANK YOU MICHAEL!)  It's one of my favorite classes at Midtown. 

I change up my schedule weekly to experience different classes and training to challenge myself. Getting out of my comfort zone to keep building that confidence muscle and spark creativity.  I missed dance from my cheerleading days and now I find time to make sure I get to WERQ - an incredible workout/dance class. 

I'm writing about my fitness journey because a lot of my friends outside of fitness share with me that they just don't have time for it.  Between their work schedules, taking care of their family, etc. they can't find the time.  It's definitely something you have to prioritize. Your mind and body will thank you when you do.  You'll be more productive, be happier (hello endorphins!) and feel good.  Start realistically.  Find a single class that you can commit to for an hour or two a week ...and go once or twice a week.  Grab a journal and take note how you feel after class. Are you proud of yourself for doing something for you? Did you make a new friend?  Self-care isn't selfish and the more you give yourself the better you'll be to yourself and everyone in your life.

The next personalized Fitness philoSophie's collection is Running - just in time for race season and summer. Check back for a fun gift to inspire yourself and running partner.

ps. If you're interested in trying Pure Barre or Midtown in Rochester, NY feel free to email me. , would love to share my experience with you and bring you to a class.