"If you have a pulse, you have a purpose."

"If you have a pulse, you have a purpose."

Today is a drawing day for me in the studio, which means I refresh my podcast library and select a listen based on the title....

I read 'Dream New Dreams'

and thought to myself 'hmmm, that resonates, let's take a listen.'   

I had never heard of Katherine Wolf until about an hour and a half ago and now I want to read both of her books and be friends IRL.

  If you're going through a season of self-doubt or wondering how to find purpose in life, find 60 mins and listen to this podcast.

Katherine Wolf: Dream New Dreams | Live Beautifully with Katrina Scott (https://livebeautifully.com/katherine-wolf-dream-new-dreams/)

Katherine's story puts life into perspective and shares so many nuggets of wisdom.

 "Control of pretty much anything in this world is an illusion."

March was a month for me. I just felt crummy.  I had a cold I couldn't shake and a cough that was so strong I had a sore rib. In short, it took almost a month for me to feel better, and it felt like an eternity.  For someone that hates to slow down and thrives on a full schedule, it was an adjustment. Plus, I'm very much into following the calendar and every day into the new year was another day I felt behind. My business mind was screaming - It's almost Q2!!!

I wrote in my journal and looked at my to-do list and the needle (aka goals) wasn’t moving, and now it felt like it was at a complete stop because I needed to rest. I needed to take a forced break.  As my friend Emily politely told me on one of our phone calls - 'Jo, health is wealth - you have to take care of yourself, and nothing is that important.'

Looking back, it was literally only three and a half weeks. A sliver of time. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had negative thoughts and felt like a failure that I couldn't 'will' myself into feeling better...

But through the fogginess of March, I did find clarity.  The slowing down made me look at those writings and realize that I wasn't prioritizing the best choices for me. I was probably sick for almost a month because I neglected to listen to my body and my intuition.

Now back to 100%, I went all in on what I had been dragging my feet on starting, or maybe I was resisting releasing into the world because it wasn't perfect (a mixture of perfectionist's problems and high functioning anxiety anyone?).

I've been wanting to launch a new personalization tool for philoSophie's. I finally clicked on the button to switch from ‘draft' to 'active' last week,and boy did it feel good! I’m designing the next chapter of philoSophie's.

I realize that after listening to the podcast you may think my March may pale in comparison to the challenges some people face, but there is a purpose.  I share in hopes that it helps you to put your ideas into action. Your purpose is your unique gift - YOU are your purpose!

And as Katherine so eloquently put it
'love the story you're in, this is the one you're living.'