How philoSophie's® got its start.

Hi! It's me. Joanna - the artist and owner of philoSophie's.
(This is me on a good hair and makeup day thanks to Rita from Belleza Salon and NSP Photography Studio
I wanted to reintroduce myself to new friends here. I love illustrating philoSophie's and running a small business. I work with a small team of talented freelance graphic designers, licensing partners, and web developers to amplify my ideas. Together we bring quality gifts and greetings to and independent boutiques across the country. 
Recently, we launched a new personalization tool that makes it easier than ever to design unique gifts to help celebrate special people in your life.
Most days you can find me in my studio in the Village of Spencerport, NY (open by appointment); but if I find some spare time and a cheap flight, I love to travel! 
Someone recently asked me what prompted me to start philoSophie's and thought I'd share my response here too: 
I wrote the original philoSophie’s® as ideas I wanted to share for inspirational greeting cards. I was in my early twenties aspiring to be a writer.
I would write phrases like:
- Life is a workout. Make it a good one.
– Be straight up with friends and martinis. 
-  A strong self-confidence and coffee can carry you past the morning.
I worked at Hill Holliday for a few years and created the concept for the idea of philoSophie’s® during this time. I had a position in the media planning department working with clients such as Fleet Bank and Dunkin’Donuts and had goals of becoming a copywriter. I was writing witty one-liners in hopes to capture the attention of the creative department. I introduced philoSophie’s® as greeting cards during a holiday fundraiser within the agency.  It was well received by coworkers and eventually I connected with a boutique on Charles Street that mentored me on next steps and offered me merchandising guidance.   As I shared my work with colleagues in the media department – a majority of women, they began to ask for more designs for invitations and birthdays they were celebrating. I designed them because I loved the creative outlet in the beginning.  Later, a mentor and professor at BU at the time – Beth Goldstein would help with a strategic business plan to turn my passion into a business.
 When I left advertising to put more time into philoSophie's, I was a birthday party planner and front desk associate for the spa at The Sports Club LA (also in Boston, and now an Equinox). Here I could design for clients, and I also had the opportunity to sell my first greeting card designs into the Spa gift shop. When philoSophie's started gaining traction and my work spilled out of my bedroom into the shared space with my roommates I moved back to my hometown of Rochester, NY. (Glitter everywhere, especially in food, is never well received - sorry again, Jayme!) 
This year I'm celebrating my 14th year in my studio space in Spencerport, NY.