FOCUSed philoSophie's - Optimism Keeps the Well Full

I'm always in awe of my friend Erin. Her gregarious personality and openness is inspiring.
She will be bringing back her successful one woman show at Fringe Fest again this year in Rochester, NY. 
The indecisiveness of whether to have this FOCUSed philoSophie's illustration rock curly or straight hair is inspired by Erin's original story - You Are No Match for Me   ( the wounded bird is also a nod to her hysterical show) 
Click here to watch last year’s show: 
and get tickets for her new show -  You Are (Still) No Match for Me

In a follow-up to last year’s show, Erin Julian shares even more dating horrors and hilarity in "You Are (Still) No Match For Me."Still searching for a prince, she has kissed a lot of frogs. Lucky for you, she’s not afraid to kiss and tell!

Erin Julian
Occupation: Marketing
Instagram: @erinleighjulian
Hobbies/Activities you'd like to share: yoga, writing, volunteering
How do you find FOCUS?
Find/Keep the Fun in business: keep an open mind, assume good intentions, be kind
Opportunities/Optimism: I need to take risks to find opportunity and I need to keep an open mind so I can take flight when I take on those risks. Staying positive is important.  It is like drinking water to stay hydrated; optimism keeps the well full!
Confidence: there is no other Erin Leigh Julian; that give me confidence to keep after my dreams and goals
deal with the Unexpected: Don’t have expectations on how something will work out; it is easier to see how things go and take it as it comes
Simplify ( workload, life, etc...) : Self-care is key - yoga, acupuncture, floating, walking, writing, reading, and surrounding myself with incredible people