FOCUSed philoSophie's - the only option

This week's FOCUSed philoSophie's  - my dear friend Michelle Palermo.

I met Michelle through Toast to Hope.  She's kind-hearted and fierce. An awesome combo. A genuine friend who gave some great feedback on FOCUS. I love her take on staying positive.  I  incorporated her 'happy place' - the beach! for this week's philoSophie's.  It's a perfect week to head to the beach and that's what I'll be doing to celebrate the 4th!  How about you?

Have a great holiday week and enjoy Michelle's thoughtful answers below:

Michelle Lea Palermo 

Occupation: Assistant at LaBella Associates, Bartender at Alex and Ani and Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils                                                        

Hobbies/Activities: Meditation, Reiki, Essential Oils, Yoga, Spending time with friends and family.  My new favorite hobby is being a Nonna to 7 month old Sal!


How do you find FOCUS: The older I get the clearer the focus on life has gotten for me.  What I used to think was important… truly is so small in the scheme of life.  I focus on love and light and allowing the universe to take me where I need to go.  It’s really cool at the end of the day to look back and think, I never thought the day would end like this.  Not to say I am not organized and have a general plan for the day or the week but knowing where you want to go is half the battle. 


Find/Keep the Fun in Business:   No better quote do answer this than ““Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  Steve Jobs


Opportunities/Optimism:   Stay positive as if it is the only option… because it really is.  J

Confidence: Oooh this is a tough one.  Confidence to me is “ownership of”.  Whether it be yourself, your business or decisions.  Own it!  Hold your head high and sell it, share it and smile!

Deal with the unexpected: Good or bad, it is all part of the journey.  Even when you define a moment or situation bad, what positives can you can from this experience?  You have survived 100% of bad days so far, keep rocking... you got this!!

Simplify: ahh….simplicity… I want to keep my life as easy and simple as humanly possible.  If anything costs my peace, it is far too expensive.