FOCUSed philoSophie's - " I was born for this"

Over this past month I've taken a look back at philoSophie's over the years to focus on the future.

I spent most of July in Boston to work and visit with good friends. It's my favorite city and where I attended college. A bit nostalgic and a bit of a romantic it just has a lot of history for me. I started philoSophie's from my apartment in Boston and I have so many memories of hours spent working from the dining room table and taking the T to and from the printer and storefronts with bags of cards & envelopes.   Maybe not the most efficient, but creative I've always been.

For this week's Focused philoSophie's I'm looking back at old blog posts and this entry from October, 2013.  As I wrap up Christmas in July it's also fun to see these old illustrations and how my style has evolved.  It reminded me how much philoSophie's has grown and how much I've grown as a person and business woman; and after all these years I still feel I was born for this.

I'm also posting to answer the emails/messages I receive asking me why I mention the Red Sox so much... I'm a big fan and I also find a lot of similarities in baseball and business. Long seasons, many hours of practice, play and travel, wins, losses, fanfare and sacrifice.... 

My blog post from October , 2013.....

“I was born for this”

What I’ve learned about myself and business through watching the Sox win the World Series….

In an interview during the World Series, David Ortiz’s response was one of confidence and charisma.

“I was born for this” …

It wasn’t a response with arrogance. It was one of ‘it is what it is’, I found my niche.

When I illustrate philoSophie’s I feel the same way… There is no arrogance in this statement but conviction.

You see, I can’t imagine doing anything else… even when I’m in a rough patch with the business, I literally can’t think of anything else I could do! So this is it. I work hard, I practice and I give it my all both on and off the ‘field’ (studio).

Rookie to MVP (Making Viable Products)

I graduated from Boston University in 2003, and lived in Boston through 2006. I was in Boston when the city shook in 2004 when the Red Sox won the World Series. I was working in an ad agency in Boston and moonlighting on my greeting card idea. By 2005 I was working part time jobs and being a rookie in business. Working out of my apartment and training (learning) to be a good business woman. With supportive teammates (roommates) I realized I had outgrown my apartment and had to move my business by 2007. But before doing so I would illustrate my first red sox inspired philoSophie’s that would unintentionally help grow my business.
i love my red sox and sold it at my first store account – The Flat of the Hill, in Beacon Hill. There, Ashley Papelbon would buy a box set and call me in hopes of ordering more…ashley I was working out of my apartment at this time and making plans to move home. We hit it off and became friends. I designed a few special occasions for her over the years ashley papelbon ideasand she would share my work with

Shonda Schilling schillings

Farrah Lesterfarah

Tiffany Ortiz ortiz

and Kelli Pedroia. pedroia

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked and continue to work with these amazing women on illustrations for their families.

So there are so many reasons I’ve been posting a lot of Red Sox inspired philoSophie’s over the past few weeks on Facebook & Twitter. I’m such a big fan of the team and the city. I started my love for the sox while living near Fenway during my time at BU and gained a greater appreciation for the team when I learned more about their philanthropic efforts and families. 5 x7 art tiffany

Looking back at the building and training – I moved back to Rochester in November 2006 to set up a legitimate shop. I celebrated another Sox World Series win in front of my television in 2007, papelbon and ashleythe same year I had my first taste of licensing success with Enesco gifts. Although this would be a blessing and a curse (You win some and you lose some ) I was leveraging my skill set and becoming a better player (business owner).

I travel back to my favorite city for both business and fun every chance I get. Through the years I’ve grown from a rookie to an MVP ~ Making Viable Products that have withstood the recession and helped to establish my brand and Sophie character.

I cried in front of my television watching the act of hatred in Boston in April, 2013 and as the city shined ~ Boston Strong!strength

I’m feeling nostalgic today, having watched the sox win last night to become 2013 WORLD CHAMPS! world series

For those who have had the opportunity to live in Boston, I know you have felt that special feeling of the city. Although I love being back in Rochester with my family and friends, Boston will always hold a special place in my heart because with its support I gained the courage to start philoSophie’s and the city continues to embrace me when I go back.

Love that Dirty Water! Boston you’re my second home!