Embrace your inner Barbie

I went to see The Barbie Movie with my mom.  We both thought it was great. It was the question I asked my mom during closing credits that sparked a new philoSophie❤️s®️.

As we were getting up from our seats, I quickly asked her- ‘how would you recap the movie’s message?’

Without pause she answered-

‘Be Yourself and Enjoy Who You Are’ 💖

Her response had me thinking about it beyond the movie. Maybe because it came from my mom. I’m not a mother, but I surround myself with many good ones. I’ve learned that mothers see their children in a way no one else does. They’re usually the first person to be honest with you, and also the most compassionate. 

Over the past few years, especially post Covid, there’s been a lot more time for self-reflection and resets. 

I think we’re all a work-in-progress; while keeping in mind - the only one you need approval from is you!

In my personal experience both in business and life I’ve found that rejection is redirection. 

And redirection leads to new places and people in life that make us think different and be the best version of our current self. 

Her response was a good reminder and inspiration to me( thanks Mom!), and I hope it helps you too! 

To be your authentic self, and enjoy who you are, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself AND OTHERS.