Air Hugs & Updates

These are unprecedented and unpredictable times, but I hope
philoSophie's can help to bring positivity to you each day. 
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I want to assure you that I take the health and well-being of the community and you, my customer and friend, very seriously. To help flatten the curve, philoSophie'sn® studio doors are closed.
philoSophie's gifts are made and packaged in the cleanliest space, and for the time being I will be the only person in the studio.
 I hope you'll check in by email
or phone - 585.352.7044
(studio landline and does not receive text messages) 
I also appreciate your small business support by shopping online at
As as an independent artist and solopreneur I rely on many vendors to be able to produce the quality products you're accustomed to purchasing. 
In working with companies locally in Rochester, New York and across various states, each has different COVID-19 compliance
and tentative end dates to production closures.
I can no longer guarantee delivery within a specified time frame. Orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible. Please be patient and email me before placing an order if you have a specific date you need your gift by. 
 I will let you know if I am able to fullfill your order.
You may also support and shop with our licensing partner -, their production will
resume May  7th for gifts. 
Social distancing, the constantly changing information about the Covid-19 pandemic and the ever changing landscape of the economy brings a wave of emotions. I hope you're taking the time to work through your emotions. A tip I find helpful when I begin to worry is to STOP, Take 5 deep breaths and say one thing I'm grateful for outloud. Try it! Let me know if it helps. 
First hand I've experienced that discomfort brings growth. Change is good and leads to new opportunities and ways of thinking. It may take some time but we'll make it through together.
Thank you for supporting my small business
during these uncertain times.