A Note about Christmas in July

I received a few DMs this past week when I began to share about Christmas in July. Most messages went like this:


“Joanna! Nooooo!! Christmas in July???, Really??? Let’s enjoy summer….”


Hear me out! We’re celebrating Christmas in July all month long to ensure I can help my favorite friend – YOU!

Here’s what’s happening through the second half of the year.

This month we’ll go to the beach and enjoy fireworks; and in between eating corn-on-the cob and delicious cherries we may even have a summer wedding or two to attend over one of the four fun-filled weekends packed into this month.

Before we know it, August will roll in and it’s Back to School and more focused hours at work.

“September! September?! I’m not even sure where September went!”, we’ll be chanting because grocery stores and chain store shelves will have already been mixing Halloween candy with Thanksgiving décor.

October I– BOO!  Have I scared you yet? This year is going to fly faster than a ghost.

Fall will be here, and you’ll mention again that I should pump the breaks on the Christmas chatter. I’ll be the first to say - Let’s enjoy all things apple and pumpkin spice. We need to Trick or Treat and Gobble Gobble before we Christmas Carol.

Phew… Good thing I’ve got the inside scoop that philoSophie’s will have some great new products to help you celebrate all things Falloween |too.


But, with Thanksgiving falling on the last week of November this year, one week later than in 2023, the standard shipping cut-off window for Christmas is reduced to only 15 days (vs 22 last year).


So, my point – I am here to make your personalized gifts and greetings, but time will not be on our side this holiday season. Each year, I hear from you closer and closer to Christmas about a gift you forgot to order or that you meant to order. Let’s ensure you don’t forget anyone this year, including yourself!


Plan ahead to eliminate unnecessary rush fees, high shipping costs and general anxiety.  Shop early with the best sale of the year – 20% off sitewide at |.com  July 1 - July 31 , code JULY20.

Giving you the whole month to shop at your leisure (hopefully poolside) to take advantage of the sale AND help alleviate some holiday and shipping stress for both of us.