90 Day Challenge #PrimephiloSophie's

Today is 90 Days ‘til Christmas.

For a creative business that focuses heavily on seasonal gifts and greetings, this is GAME TIME! For the next 90 days, me and my small team are going all-in to design and distribute the best gifts for you to give your family and friends.

Today I start a 90 Day Challenge and I’d love for you to join in.  I’ve been inspired by Coach Prime, Deion Sanders.  Go checkout his Instagram if you’re not following already and you’ll be easily inspired too. 

For the next 90 days “It’s Personal”.  My goal is to bring joy to others. I also want to enjoy the holidays and not be overwhelmed. Please join me if you can relate and tailor “It’s Personal” to fit your needs and 90 days.

Over the next 90 days prioritize:

1. Accountability – I’m setting out to do this and I’m going to share my 90 days so you can help me to be accountable. I care about and I’m truly passionate and committed to doing my best work in hopes that it inspires you.

2. Give– over the next 90 days I’m going to be giving away philoSophie's gifts and greetings through social media posts. Be sure you're following @share_philoSophies  

3. Consistency – show up every day for me and others. For me - this means getting a workout in for at least 30 minutes. Exercise destresses me and by putting myself first I can show up better for others.  (This means I might have to wake up earlier, stop mindless scrolling on my phone, or rearrange my work hours)

4. Focus – Prioritize. Deciding what's important for each day and allocating a disproportionate share of my attention and resources toward the #1 priority. Creating a handwritten list is helpful to keep priorities top of mind. I find decision making is easier when it's clear what needs to be done. FIFO - First In First Out, with orders and email responses, for all my fellow creative entrepreneurs. :0) 

5. Believe – I believe in myself.  I want to project this more. I think knowing what you’re put on this earth to do is something you should share often. It motivates others to do the same. 

Use hashtag #primephilosophies if you want an accountability partner. Please share what you’re doing over the next 90 days to end the year strong.

"Let's Go Baby!"