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philoSophie's Greeting Card Club

Pay Quarterly
How It Works: Every quarter, our subscribers canlook forward to a new gift box filled with inspirational, whimsical andseasonally appropriate items, hand-picked by Joanna Alberti, artist ofphiloSophie’s®. With a philoSophie’s® box subscription, every quarter you’llget a box full of goodies (products may include totes, greeting cards, notepadand vary each quarter) for only $79 four times a year. Each box is valued atover $150 and we’ll ship them for FREE!
What You Can Expect: Each box will include $100+ worth ofstationery,cards, gifts and more! PLUS each box will include an itemPERSONALIZED just for you!
When You’ll Receive Your Boxes: You’ll receive your FIRST box rightaway. Quarterly boxes will ship in January, April, July & October. Yourcredit card will be charged $79 upon each shipment.
$79 every 3 months